Movecrew is a fresh,  smarter approach to maximising your television production budget.

When you engage our services for your shoot, you will have a customised vehicle at your disposal, with room for up to seven crew members. Best of all, Movecrew comes equipped with a built-in camera assistant – the driver!

What Movecrew does for your production is simple, we provide television crew transport. We take away the excessive need for having several vehicles on the road all heading to one location – We have engineered a solution which encourages productivity amongst the crew and saves on time and most importantly, budgets and it works! Movecrew are capable of comfortably seating 7 passengers (including the driver) and still have enough space for the largest of lighting orders and camera kits.

 We provide a collection & delivery service for camera & lighting rental equipment throughout Ireland, negating the need to squeeze heavy equipment into the back of a car. We can also drive and deliver anything you need, for your TV/Film production. We have had our fair share of unusual requests already! We pride ourselves in looking after international Film/TV/News crew coming to shoot in Ireland. We have rental kit available, including Jibs, Tracks, Lighting and HD Cameras. Movecrew is also an excellent recce vehicle for Ireland and the UK.

In this business we believe that getting there should be part of the job, we exist to get the show on the road.