Movecrew is owned and operated by Conor Lally from Dundalk, Co. Louth. Conor who is a graduate of the senior college in Ballyfermot & DCU, has worked in both the camera department and in production for almost 10 years. From his experience as everything from a runner to a PA, to a Clapper Loader to a Stage Manager, Conor understands the unique demands and pressures of the Television & Film industry.

The ability to combine these relevant skills really is what Movecrew is all about. Conor has worked as an assistant cameraman on every conceivable type of production in some of the most obscure locations in Ireland. He asked himself a couple of simple questions – what if the driver of the crew transport also knew his camera dollies from his camera cranes, and what if the transport vehicle was custom-designed for the unique demands of the television industry? The answer was Movecrew!