“Movecrew invest in new production Vehicle”


Movecrew have invested in a new production Vehicle, the company, owned by Conor Lally, are pleased to announce.

Movecrew are in their 4th year of business and have seen the ever-growing need for a small crew transport facility within the Irish Television & Film Industry. Whether you are a small crew coming from abroad to shoot in Ireland, or you simply need on site facilities or a location Van, Movecrew have the solution for you. Conor has vast experience looking after local and international crews & has honed and perfected the services which Movecrew now has on offer such as camera packages, lighting, production services and more.

“We have crews coming over all the time from the US, the UK and Eurpoe – people want to use our landscape as a location. When producers make that decision to shoot here – thats the first positve – the second positive is hiring movecrew to take you there and making your production happen” .

“ 2015 was a busy year and saw the company update a lot of rental equipment in terms of cameras, lenses and lighting equipment, But I am over the moon to announce that this year we have updated and custom designed the number one offering – the wheels! The 2016 location vehicle, which I envisage as being the only way to go for both local and international crew, should you require an all in one solution for your production”.

Movecrew can now happily provide clients with a vehicle that will not only save them on cost but add to their production values. Believers in making the most of time, being productive while on the move and most of all offering the best in class.

Movecrew’s newest addition – a custom 2016 Renault Master crew cab facilitates 7 crew and all the kit you can take with you in a large, secure & shelved cargo space. The new van has been four months in the making and is totally designed with Film and Television crews in mind.

Interactive Reviewing footage

The vehicle hosts an extensive multimedia fit out, running a Mac based system with a 24 inch screen & updated audio experience. We have installed a new  powerful 4g Router within the vehicle which not only gives the client web access but makes the entire van connected – even while on the move,  where ever your shoot may be. All of this technology can be used by production and crew not only for admin, but also for entertainment, research and staying in touch while on the move. There is also many other uses such as small OB shoots & Recces.

The new Vehicle is equipped with a 2000w Pure sine inverter which will independently power sensitive equipment such as Laptops, monitors, led light panels and hard drives and it will even boil a kettle – we all know how tea  and coffee adds to every production!

The vehicle has sockets both in the cargo hold and in the crew space. It also features shore power, where we can now safely hook up to external power such as generators or even house power. The system is designed in a way that should power cut, the vehicles’ independent power will automatically take over and ensure no loss of current – essential if the client is downloading rushes within the confines of the vehicle.

Movecrew look forward to introducing both new and existing clients to the vehicle in the coming months and years, and envisage this as solidifying Movecrew’s dedication to providing both local and international crews with a solution which adds to production value.

“Purchasing this new vehicle has improved the quality and comfort of what Movecrew can offer your crew tenfold – it just makes sense for productions to use a vehicle like it”

Croke Park, Dublin Celtic Park, Glasgow



Since purchasing the new vehicle, Movecrew have just wrapped on Celtic Soul a travel and sport documentary produced by Canadian production company Markham Street Films,  starring Hollywood actor – Jay Baruchel (Knocked up, Tropic Thunder, The Goon)

This production needed a vehicle to take the camera crew and all of their equipment around Ireland and Scotland, in tow with the presenters in a rental car, and by using Movecrew it enabled the Director to monitor the cameras and audio from the safety of the van.

Heres what DOP Marc Lamy had to say:

“Conor was the full package: Technically proficient with clearly a ton of experience, superb work ethic and couldn’t ask for a guy easier to get a long with. He provided tons of useful knowledge about Ireland, from good b-roll locations to good spots to grab a pint. Truly a great guy to spend days with on the road. If only all trips we do abroad had this level of class! And by a long shot the best equipped production van a foreign crew could ask for. 10 stars. Thanks, Movecrew!”

What the Irish producers say:

For any type of production Movecrew provides a fast and very economical solution. Movecrew  & Conor tick all the boxes. It gives you up mobility for up to six crew, own power and back up support in any location you want to shoot in. A fully kitted out camera van, with space for Lighting and a data wrangling, I use Move Crew whenever possible. - Tony Deegan, Production Manager/Line Producer


When you hire Movecrew & Conor you get a vehicle which is perfect for production requirements and a very experienced camera assistant. Movecrew is a very professional service, Conor is always extremely helpful and is a fantastic asset to any production. Karen Reen, Freelance Production Manager